Safety is not just a priority, but a way of life. Our processes and procedures are continuously refined and implemented to reduce our Experience Modification Rate to zero. We take an aggressive, proactive stance with all project team members to ensure everyone understands the expectations for safety from the outset and is trained to Henning Companies standards for general safe job site practices before a project-specific plan is drafted with input from the owner.

In addition, it is critical that everyone strictly adheres to our safety processes and mission of zero tolerance for accidents. Accordingly, all of our construction sites operate as drug-free zones with zero tolerance through the successful implementation of our drug and alcohol policy.

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Quality impacts every aspect of a project at Henning Companies. Our high standards for quality assurance and quality control drive performance—from the work of our internal teams to the work of our trusted trades. Quality control begins with our scope documents, where we define site-specific plans with measurable metrics for quality assurance. Every phase of the project is considered, with specific plans defined for each. This proactive approach ensures that we maintain our “quality-first” mindset.

Jim Miller, Henning Companies’ Quality Director has this to say about our quality control program, “In all that we do, quality assurance and quality control are priorities. It is a direct aspect of our core value to always do the right thing and a key function for how we deliver solutions with a positive impact.”


At Henning, our safety record is outstanding, beating the
industry standard in recordable and lost-time accidents.

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Henning is part of the Master Builders of Iowa WorkSafe Program.


Henning has a full-time safety professional and a fully-trained staff.

Associated General Contractors of America


Henning Companies has received several AGC safety recognition awards and recognition for its safety program throughout its history.

EMR OF 0.69

Henning has a current EMR of 0.69, well below the industry standard of 1.0


Founded in 1924 by an immigrant brick mason, Henning Companies provides a wide range of construction services from general contracting and construction management to design-build for clients in agricultural, industrial, and commercial industries. During our 100-year history, we have done business with a focus on transforming our customer’s vision of what’s possible by delivering a level of value that goes above and beyond their expectations.

Henning believes in preventing accidents through the exercise of personal initiative and mandatory safety training and education. Our employees undergo rigorous, continual training to make sure each employee has the knowledge they need to uphold our highest safety standards.

On every job site, we ensure our dedicated safety professionals cover all Henning Companies safety protocols appropriately and hold everyone associated with the project to our rigorous standard of safety each day. These safety professionals walk the job regularly looking for any potential safety hazards and address any concerns that may be brought to their attention or discovered on the safety walk.