Safety Focused Construction

Safety is not just a priority, but a way of life. Our processes and procedures are continuously refined and implemented to reduce our Experience Modification Rate to zero. We take an aggressive, proactive stance with all project team members to ensure everyone understands the expectations for safety from the outset and is trained to Henning Companies rigid standards for general safe job site practices before a project specific plan is drafted with input from the owner. 

In addition, it is critical that everyone strictly adheres to our safety processes and mission of zero tolerance for accidents. Accordingly, all of our construction sites operate as drug-free zones with zero tolerance through the successful implementation of our drug and alcohol policy. 

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Safety Focused Construction
Dean Johnson - Safety Director

Proactive Approach

Henning believes in preventing accidents through the exercise of personal initiative and mandatory safety training. Every single employee is responsible for accident prevention as part of his/her job.

Consistent with these values, Henning advocates:

  • A strong emphasis on safety training and expectations
  • A solid safety reporting structure mandating accountability at every level of the organization
  • Employee responsibility, giving every employee the right and authority to stop work when an activity is being performed in an unsafe way
  • A mandatory Substance Abuse Program which requires drug and alcohol testing of all employees, including pre-employment, random, reasonable cause, and post accident
  • Daily safety-inspections conducted by trained on-site supervisors
  • Daily safety discussions regarding the tasks to be performed and documented weekly safety meetings
  • Construction operations conducted in strict adherence to federal, state and local safety policies, and to specific Henning safety-policies

Our Track Record

At Henning, our safety record is outstanding, beating the industry standard in recordable and lost-time accidents.

The facts:

  • Henning has a current EMR of 0.76, well below the industry standard of 1.0
  • Henning has a full-time safety professional and a fully-trained staff.
  • Henning Companies has received several AGC safety recognition awards and recognition for its safety program throughout its history.
  • Henning is part of the Master Builders of Iowa WorkSafe Program.