Des Moines City Hall


The historical Des Moines City Hall building was built in 1910 and continues to serve as the center of government for the city. It served the city well, but its old systems where not adequate for its current uses and it was in serious need of technology updates.

In June of 2016, Henning Companies began a signifi cant renovation that would completely update all the mechanical, electrical and technology infrastructure of the building. The 29,000 square foot structure was listed on the National Historic Register which made parts of the renovation very challenging. All the building’s mechanical infrastructure was replaced; including new boilers, chillers, cooling towers and air handling units. New air handlers were installed in the building’s attic which made for a tight fit.

The electrical system was improved, daylight harvesting systems were added, and the phone and data systems were completely overhauled. The renovation also addressed several building code updates. Taking into account ADA updates, such as a new elevator, new ADA compliant restrooms, and addressed lead and asbestos abatement. Many of the original finishes were restored including; plaster, trim, and paint and the existing antique lighting.




Des Moines, IA


29,000 sq. ft