“The people we worked with were truly like partners in our business, listening to what we needed and reacting to provide just the right solutions was part of their everyday assignments.”
— Doug Metzler, General Manager, Hendrix Isa Llc.

The Henning Companies’ approach to construction is focused on adding value as a business partner. We want to work together using our collective skills and expertise to develop a comprehensive project plan that addresses all facets of the project. We pride ourselves on using the latest in virtual tools to identify and develop unique solutions that ultimately have a positive impact on the client’s bottom line.

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Construction equipment
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Henning Companies’ integrated team approach focuses on getting everyone working together at the outset to identify the project’s critical success factors. This approach addresses issues related to design, operational efficiency, cost, schedule, and quality, so each aspect can achieve the maximum potential for the project.

Henning Companies will work as an extension of the client’s team and will be directly responsible for managing the construction process and all issues related to cost, schedule, and constructibility. We will provide professional advice and perform the necessary due diligence to enable you to make decisions that support the established project goals.

Our long history and exceptional track record of performance give our customers the peace of mind that their projects will be done right. Our Project Managers and Superintendents are some of the best in the industry and boast the experience necessary to meet any challenge. Our commitment to safety and quality throughout the entire project lifecycle is unmatched. Meeting tight deadlines and bringing the highest level of quality to every project is the standard at Henning Companies.

Henning Companies has been delivering design-build services to the markets we serve, long before the term existed. As pioneers in the design-build approach, our team is acutely aware of the engineering challenges that directly impact our customer’s financial success.

We use the latest in construction technology to minimize issues, mitigate costs, and improve the quality of the final product. This expertise translates well into our agricultural, industrial, and commercial markets.

Through collaborative partnerships with clients and their architects and/or engineers throughout every stage of project development, Henning proactively reduces risks that might otherwise emerge later in the project’s lifecycle. Our construction management team harnesses a suite of cutting-edge building technologies, including proprietary software, to assess project constructability and scheduling.

This empowers Henning to maintain strict cost control and effectively manage risks by identifying and overseeing the most qualified vendors and subcontractors for each unique project.

We minimize risks involved with the construction process by partnering with the owner and their architect in all phases of project development. Our pre-construction team guides the team through design; ultimately finding the building solution that strikes the best balance between cost, function, and aesthetics.  Our construction management team will maintain cost controls and mitigate risk by leveraging a range of building technologies to evaluate the constructibility and schedule of the project. Henning identifies the best vendors for your needs and manages them to the highest levels of safety and quality.


The highlighted map indicates where we have conducted business across the United States. As a national contractor, we are committed to traveling where ever our clients require our construction services. Please reach out to discuss your project with us!

The following download lists our state license and registration information for compliance purposes.

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