5 Things Working From Home Taught Us

Everyone knows that the Coronavirus pandemic has had a huge impact on all of us. Henning employees experience how different work, and life in general, can be during quarantine.  Though strenuous at first, our employees share what they’ve learned from this experience and how their new views benefit our customers. 

1. Communication

“I’ve been amazed at the ways we are able to communicate over the internet. We can communicate quickly with others rather than making a trip to do it face to face.” -Kevin Tubbs, Director of Business Development


2. Teamwork

“I believe our customers have benefited with a genuine team mentality to ensure the projects are continuing to meet expectations and standards, without schedule changes. We have showed, as a company, there are no barriers we cannot meet whether in the office, or working remotely…” -Toni Sanger, Project Coordinator

“I believe that working from home has really brought us closer together to many of our customers and subcontractors.” -Faye Murray, Project Coordinator


3. Technology

“I feel that working remotely has forced us all to utilize technology to stay connected. For some this has been a bit of an adjustment and for others is just another day at the office.”  -Kirk Moe, Senior Project Manager

“Personally, my favorite feature […] to utilize has been the screen share capability via video meetings. This tool has strengthened our relationships and has improved meeting efficiency on both ends.” – Tucker Lehman, Staff Accountant


4. Relationships

“We have seen each other in our homes, laughed at the struggles of working from home (for me, it’s my dogs that like to have a voice during phone calls) and have been patient with trying to think outside the box to get things done effectively.” -Faye Murray, Project Coordinator

“Being forced to communicate remotely has forced the use of some powerful software platforms that may be been underutilized… Now they help us communicate mobile to better serve our clients more effectively and economically.” –Kirk Moe, Senior Project Manager

“We have been forced to be very creative about how we create and maintain relationships with customers and others. I have gone to several virtual networking events as well as having individual social distancing coffees and cocktail hours in parking lots. I keep a camping chair in my truck, so I am always available for a social distancing cocktail hour!” – Kevin Tubbs, Director of Business Development


5. Biosecurity

“Like everyone, there has been an emphasis on sanitizing yourself and the items we bring from home. That constant need of awareness has had the largest impact on me, as I believe it will only help reinstate the correct mindset when entering any type of building with biosecurity in place.” – T.J. Jennings, Project Manager