2018 Technology Trends

By: Kevin Walker

Keeping up with the latest construction industry trends is extremely important when it comes to providing better solutions for our customers and preparing for the future. While it is always difficult to predict what the future holds, I believe there are a few industry trends we can expect to see in the upcoming years. 

Technology Advancements
While the construction industry has been slow to adopt the latest technology, you can expect to see huge advancements in the next year. Watch for things such as 3D printed buildings, robotics, and virtual and augmented reality (VR/AR). VR/AR will allow people to tour construction sites without stepping foot on the job site. 

Going Green
Recycling and reusing is a must when it comes to our daily activities in construction. We can expect our projects to increase through green design and sustainable products.

Prefabricated Construction
Modular or prefabricated buildings and construction is the development of a building or structure off-site and then transported to the construction site itself. The industry will see a huge spike in prefabricated structures and components. Not only does prefabrication have significant safety advantages, they can also be done much faster!

Better Safety Procedures
Safety is also a hot topic in the construction industry. Thankfully for Henning, we have not experienced an accident on a job site since April 2015. With new technology emerging, you can expect to see more safety resources than ever in the field.