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At Henning Companies, we provide solutions to positively impact our customers, our employees, and our communities. As a general contractor, construction manager, and design-builder, we provide our customers with an entire range of construction services that address their unique situations. Since 1924, we have made exceeding expectations our priority and are committed to quality construction and service far above the industry standard.  We bring a proactive approach to every project, with the ability to match specific areas of expertise to your specific project requirements. Every day we challenge ourselves to improve upon our demonstrated history of success.  At Henning, we believe that building strong relationships provides the foundation for exceptional buildings. 

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Commercial Projects


Prairie Business Park III - Construction began in November on R&R Realty’s 300,000 square-foot warehouse located on S. James Street in Grimes, IA. Once complete, the warehouse will be capable…View Project


Stoney Creek Hotel & Conference Center - The 136,000 square foot hotel and conference center is a four story wood and steel framed hotel structure with exterior finishes of stone, brick, bark…View Project

Electrical Manufacturer

Electrical Power Products - The $15.5 million Electrical Power Products project included a new 214,000 square-foot, 24 ft. clear height manufacturing building and a 28,000 square-foot, two story office…View Project

Historic Renovation

Des Moines City Hall - The 29,000 sq. ft. renovation is located in downtown Des Moines, IA. The electrical system was improved, daylight harvesting systems were added, and the phone and…View Project

Agriculture Projects

Layer Facility

Iowa Cage Free - The layer addition to Iowa Cage Free features a multi-tier aviary system for laying hens as well as a large capacity egg belt for transporting…View Project


Hybrid Turkeys - This $12 million, 83,000 sq. ft. hatchery will consist of two incubation rooms, office space, and storage and wash room facility. The new build will…View Project

Laying Facility

Freemont Farms - Fremont Farms of Iowa produces and processes liquid egg products. The company engages in the wholesale distribution of poultry and poultry products. The facility includes an…View Project

Processing Facility

Naturally Recycled Proteins - NRP is a company specializing a highly digestible dry protein additive to be used in the pet food industry.  The company implements a non-rendered, patented,…View Project


  • July | A Message from the President

    I want to extend a special congratulations to Del Farrer on celebrating 40 years with Henning! Del began his career with Henning while still in high school and after a few years in the service, he came back and rejoined the Henning team. From pounding nails to sales and business development, and most currently as…

  • Henning Partners with Habitat for Humanity on Home Build

    As proud sponsors of Habitat for Humanity, we would like to share with you our good news! This year, Henning Companies donated $10,000 and 219 volunteer hours to the Greater Des Moines Habitat for Humanity, benefiting the Birdland Area Neighborhood Rebuild.  Due to floods that breached the levee in 1993 and 2008, the Birdland Area population…

  • Des Moines City Hall Reopens after Renovations

    Des Moines City Hall reopened to the public after nearly two years of construction. Located at 400 Robert D. Ray Drive, Henning Companies began work on the historic 29,000 square-foot project in June of 2016. Henning completely updated all mechanical, electrical, and technology infrastructure of the building. City Hall was listed on the National Historic…

  • 2018 Technology Trends

    By: Kevin Walker Keeping up with the latest construction industry trends is extremely important when it comes to providing better solutions for our customers and preparing for the future. While it is always difficult to predict what the future holds, I believe there are a few industry trends we can expect to see in the…

  • Safety Update: Stay cool on hot days!

    Heat stress occurs when the body generates internal heat and/or absorbs heat from a hot work environment faster than it can be lost. The heat build-up is an increase in the body temperature. Sweating is the natural way your body attempts to cool off. The evaporation is usually an effective way to cool the body. However,…

  • Lisa Henning Beohm Speaks During IEC Conference in London

    The International Egg Commission (IEC) held its spring business meetings in London April 8-10, at Grange St. Paul's Hotel, where attendees were able to meet with leading decision makers and experts in the international egg industry. The conferences are organized to provide the optimum combination of business and networking activities that enable attendees to make…